1. Abhyanga(Oil Massage) and Swedana(Herbal Steam Bath)
• To maintain the health of your mind & body.
• Normalize the blood circulation
• Elimination of toxins from the body.
• Rejuvinates the tired nerves, muscles etc...

2. Sirodhara (Uniform gentle stream of warm oil on forehead)
• Ultimate mental and emotional relaxation therapy.
• Beneficial for many diseases of the nervous system
• Treatment for chronic headache, insomina etc...

3.Pizhichil (Pouring of warm oil on body)
• Tones and rejuvenates the skin.
• Used in spondylosis
• Effective treatment for paralysis
• Promotes relaxation, inner balance etc...

4. Kizhi (Poultice using rice/ leaves/ powders )
• For strengthening of the body .
• Treatment for wasting of muscles, rheumatism.
• Treatment for painful joints and sprain
• Treatment for sports injuries etc...

5. Panchakarma


(1) Nasyam (Nasal administration of medication)

• Treatment for sinus congestion, migraine headaches.

• Treatment for facial paralysis, frozen shoulder.

• Treatment for Epilepsy, drowsiness, Parkinsonism.


(2) Vamanam (Emesis therapy)

• Treatment for removal of morbid kapha.

• Ideal for obesity & diabetes

• Ideal for bronchial problems etc.


(3) Virechanam (Purgation therapy)

• Removes pitta dosha

• Detoxication of the body etc.


(4) Snehavasthy (Oil enema)

• Ideal for rheumatism, paralysis.

• Dryness related to vata imbalances, low back ache.


(5) Kashayavasthy (Decoction enema)

• Nervous diseases, Gout

• Treatment for rheumatic ailments.