Nasyam is the nasal administration of medication. The nasal treatment happens in the form of medicated powders, medicinal fumes, nasal oil or medicated juice. Efficacy of the treatment: This form of treatment is tailor made for disease related to ENT and Eye ailments. 

   • Treatment for sinus congestion, migraine headaches.

   • Treatment for facial paralysis, frozen shoulder.

   • Treatment for Epilepsy, drowsiness, Parkinsonism. 


Vamanam or emesis therapy is therapeutic vomiting which is a medicated emesis. This treatment is done for the aggravated kapha dosha, which dislodges the toxins mainly from the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. 


Virechana is one of the Panchakarma therapies wherein purgation is induced by drugs and it  specifically aims at the elimination of excessive Pitta Dosha from the  body. 


The basti's in which only some form of lubricating material like oil is used is called as Anuvasana basti. They are less in quantity and are supposed to be retained in the body. They are more nourishing in nature


Kashaya Vasti treatment involves enema using medicated decoction. It is used to treat constipation, neurological ailments, paralysis, flatulence, lower backache, gout and rheumatism.